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Scale of Dascomb Road vs Lynnfield Market Street

Like many, I have been reviewing the pros and cons of the Dascomb Road Project to determine for myself if the project would be beneficial for the Town of Andover.

I have often heard the Dascomb Road Project compared to the Lynnfield Market Street mixed use project on Walnut Street in Lynnfield. To me, the Dascomb Road project didn't appear to be the same size and scale as the Lynnfield project, and last week I prepared a graphic image showing the two project site plans at the same scale, side by side.

Although I thought the Dascomb Road project was smaller, I was surprised to learn that it is only about 1/3rd (33%) of the acreage of the Lynnfield Project. Dascomb Road is 15 Acres, Lynnfield is about 45 acres. When I showed this image to a few friends I got the same reaction....everybody thought the two project were of equal size. I share this because I think it could help more people understand the size, scale and potential impacts of the proposed development on Dascomb Road.

No matter which side of the fence you fall on, please come to Special Town Meeting at 7pm Monday, January 29th at the Collins Center Auditorium at Andover High School and make your vote count. Thanks.

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