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Dascomb Road Project

The Lupoli Companies are proposing a mixed use development containing 600,000 sf of retail, restaurant, office and service establishments on a 16 acre site just off 193. The site is currently zoned ID2, allowing for the mixed use as noted above. The 600,000 sf project, without a residential component, is allowed by right with the issuance of a PUD (Planned Unit Development) Special Permit through the Andover Planning Board. The Developer is submitting to the Planning Board now and hearings will be scheduled over the coming winter months and into the Spring of 2018.

Sal Lupoli would like to replace some of the proposed office space with 225 units of 55+ Senior Housing, 15% of which would be dedicated as affordable. As residential is not presently an allowed use in the ID2 Zoning District this action would require a vote of Annual Town Meeting to amend the Zoning.

I am in favor of this project, and I am in favor of the switch from office to residential. The switch to residential reduces the traffic and parking and increases the amount of open space on the site. It also provides a much needed housing option that is not presently available in Andover.

This project represents an important economic development opportunity for the Town of Andover. Fiscal impact studies provided to date show that the Town could expect annual tax revenues of $1.8m and one time building permit fees in excess of $2.0m. We would also benefit from a $6m MassWorks Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for roadway and infrastructure improvements to Dascomb Road and the surrounding neighborhoods. This is Smart Growth, and I believe it is good for the Town of Andover.

The neighbors have concerns, and we should take the time during the process to make sure they are heard. The Planning Board will host public hearings and that is the right time to conduct peer review analysis on traffic and fiscal impact. There is also a private warrant article being submitted by neighbors which would remove the mixed use retail/commercial components of the ID2 from the surrounding industrial properties, limiting the very real possibility of unintended commercial sprawl that can often pop-up around a successful mixed use destination.  I believe this private warrant article has merit, and should taken into consideration as we move forward. 

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