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Andover Townsman Question 2/26/18

Andover Townsman Question: Do you think the town has lost faith in their elected and appointed officials, and what would you do to restore trust in the community if elected?

I have always been impressed with Andover’s elected and appointed officials. The dedication of these volunteers makes our community better. However, recently many in Town have lost faith in the character and direction offered by our current leadership.    

The Board of Selectmen set the tone for the entire Town. Having a skilled, hardworking, efficient board is critical to the success of our community. Over the next three years, we will make important decisions on our residential and commercial tax rates; we will need to find ways of making it affordable for our Seniors to stay in town, and we have to find a cost-effective solution to deal with the overcrowding issues at Andover High. To be successful on these issues, we need a Board of Selectmen that can work together.  Reasonable people can disagree, but we need to work together to advance our common goals.

I base my campaign on the following promises: I will listen first, work hard to find consensus, and I will address others with respect, even when we disagree. If you share these principles, then I respectfully ask for your vote. Please join me in my run for Selectmen, and together we can reinforce the values of hard work, respect, and cooperation.

Christian Huntress

Committee to Elect Christian Huntress
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