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Andover Education Association Questions 3/20/18

I was asked a series of questions by the Andover Education Association. The following are the questions and my written reponses provided on March 20, 2018.

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BallardVale Cell Tower

A new 135' tall cell tower has been proposed at the end of Dale Street in BallardVale. The Tower is proposed to be located within 100' of neighboring houses and will have a significant impact on the adjacent Historic District.

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Local Project Experience

An overview of our local project experience with a detailed explanation of our work on the Elm Street Assisted Living Project. (Read More)

Andover Townsman Question 2/26/18

The Andover Townsman provided the following question to all candidates for Selectman. Below you will find the question and my reply.   (Read More)

Ballardvale Fire Station

The Town of Andover has been struggling with the issue of a new Fire Station in BallardVale for too long.

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Special Town Meeting January 29, 2018 - Position Paper (With Post TM Updates)

Special Town Meeting is scheduled for Monday January 29, 2018 at 7pm at the Collins Center Auditorium at Andover High School. The following is a brief summary of my position on the articles included on the Warrant.   

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Dascomb Road Project

The Dascomb Road Project represents a significant economic development opportunity for the Town of Andover and should be carefully considered as we move forward. (Read More)

Scale of Dascomb Road vs Lynnfield Market Street

Compare Lynnfield Market Square Site Plan vs. Dascomb Road Project Site Plan to better understand the scope and scale of the project.

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